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Technology has revolutionized the way DLDAV Shalimar Bagh works. Permeating all spheres, it has added speed, quality and efficiency to all work processes. You get a feel of it the minute you step inside the school campus as surveillance and monitoring by CCTV cameras ensure safety and discipline. As you move towards the Reception, you can see staff members punching in their attendance at the Bio-metric Attendance Scanners which also serves as an I-card. Exhaustive reports like employee daily attendance and late reporting is then generated from this machine which is connected to our centralized database. Substitution arrangement against absentee teachers is done by in-house developed software. Student attendance is recorded in the centralized database by designated teachers and SMS are sent out to parents of absentee students. THE ENTIRE EVALUATION PROCEDURE IS CARRIED OUT VERY SYSTEMATICALLY, EFFICIENTLY AND WITH GREAT PRECISION ENSURING ZERO ERROR. Report cards are fully computerized-teachers enter/fill the marks/grades/checklists via intranet. The report cards are then printed in the resource room.

Technology Mediated Education

The school has a state-of-the-art e-infrastructure comprising wi-fi enabled computer labs, Multimedia Labs, LCD projectors, hi-tech resource room with broadband, color printers, scanners, OMR readers and most importantly interactive white boards and Smart classrooms. This provides a befitting scaffold to the learners motivating them to innovate, research and expand their mental horizons.

Air Conditioned Classrooms in Nursery Wing

The nursery wing has beautiful, well appointed, tech-savvy, air conditioned classrooms that makes the first educational experience of the tiny tots comfortable and pleasurable.


Our young learners get ample opportunities, time and infrastructural resources to explore, research and practice through very well-equipped and updated laboratories: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Home Science, Computer, Multimedia, Maths, Accounts and last but not the least the English language lab which brushes up the pronunciation, diction and intonation ensuring flawless speakers ready to take on the world with confidence.

Our Aesthetical Spaces

We understand that the 3R’s may be the backbone of education but scientific research has proved that ‘arts’ tap into and awaken those parts of the brain which sharpen our reasoning skill. Moreover, art and creativity instills in a human being a sense of oneness with creation itself due to which a great reverence for nature and its manifestations grow in a child.Thus, the school has separate rooms for vocal music, dance, Art and Craft and Instrumental Music.


A smart bar coded library beckons to read. There are separate libraries for primary, middle and senior students which offer an amazing variety of encyclopedia, reference books, periodicals, journals and magazines. A unique feature of the library is that ex-students preparing for their entrance exams can also avail this facility.

Counseling Services

Counseling for any behavioral or academic aberration is available to students and parents through a highly trained and qualified counselor. Career guidance workshops with eminent career counselors are organized too at regular intervals.

Medical Facility

We have a well-equipped medical room complete with First-aid kits, stretcher, wheelchair and oxygen cylinders. It is supervised by a qualified doctor and a nurse. A medical examination and health assessment of each student is conducted and any abnormal finding is communicated to the parents. Special medical needs of students are communicated to the class teacher.

Paper Recycling

To promote environment consciousness and to put the waste paper generated in the school to good use, the school has put up a paper recycling unit which can produce beautiful handmade paper in different colors and textures. Creative and decorative paper products are made using this paper.


Education is complete only when it transforms a child into a moral human and that is ensured in the school by imparting vedic shiksha to its students. The availability of a yagyashala in the premises makes it easy to inculcate the vedic values by conducting havans for all classes from time to time.

Conference Room

An air- conditioned and well equipped large conference room in the premises is useful in conducting workshops, seminars and brain storming sessions.


A lift too has recently been installed to cater to the needs of differently abled children, sick and the convenience of staff.

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