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Earth Day Celebrations 2023

The thread that ties an individual to the society & humanity must be tenacious. It should have strength, courage & resilience to bear any challenges that may be thrown in its way. The stronger it is, greater is the sensitivity & responsiveness of the individual. Natural disasters, man - made inequalities, lifestyle induced aggravation (health & environment) all are addressed by the children in our school. We have spread awareness about AIDS & Drug Abuse, provided homeopathic medicines for free, educated the ‘old’, donated not just cash & necessities but blood, empowered poor women through vocational training, Conserved energy, planted trees and conveyed the message of Reuse, Reduce & Recycle... we care for the society and our future citizens reaffirm their commitment to it every time the society calls out... or the need is felt.

The school has recently been awarded with the Viveknanda Sustainability Awards 2022 for its sincere efforts in implementing the UN 17 SDGs.


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