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Earth Day 2024  
EARTH DAY CELEBRATION-NURSERY WING-The Save Global Treasure Day i.e. Earth Day,was celebrated at our Nursery wing today.It was a delightful and educational event aimed at raising awareness about environmental conservation among our young learners.The Nursery and Pre-Primary children came in colourful green and blue dresses and even wore a head gear related to *Save Earth*.The event incorporated storytelling,worksheet colouring and hands on craft activities.The event began with engaging storytelling session where teachers narrated impactful stories related to environmental conservation.The children even participated in craft making activities where they created their own Earth Day puppets and badges
These activities reinforced the concept of caring for our planet Earth.

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Eco Club of DLDAV Model School Shalimar Bagh is celebrating Earth Day during this week. Students are carrying out an awareness drive during the morning assembly where the members of Eco Club are making students aware about the measures and need to protect the environment through songs, poems & speeches. Students of Classes VI-X participated in various activities including poster making, trash to treasure & creating feeders for birds.
Earth Day Celebration -BLOSSOM (PLAY GROUP)-Earth Day is a special day when we celebrate our wonderful planet, Earth. On this day, the tiny tots of Blossom visited the Main School's herbal garden, where they planted a sapling, observed the garden and touched the mother earth. They were taught to keep their surroundings clean, so they collected dry leaves and twigs and threw them in the dustbin. The children raised their hands to take a pledge to make every day an Earth Day by keeping their surroundings clean and being kind to planet Earth.
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