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Celebrating Diversity
Event Start Date : 16/12/2023 Event End Date 27/12/2023

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The school celebrated Literature and Cultural fest on 28th December, 2023. Mr. Yuvraj Malik, Director, National Book Trust, India was the Chief guest for the day, Ms. Alka Singh, editor, NIE, Times of India, was the Guest of Honour, and our Alumni Mihir Ujjainwal and Ms. Nimisha Shukla, were the Special Guests. The event was the culmination of activities and competitions organized round the year to provide an opportunity to the students to hone their linguistic skills and abilities.

The Community Outreach club of the school donated winter clothes and food grains under the project 'Sharing Warmth' and 'Anna Daan- Mahadan' in association with GOONJ and MCKS on the same day.
Our students took part in The Summer Writing Festival 2023 organized by BriBooks in partnership with Disney HD International and NDTV. A total of 120 students dabbled into various genres and wrote some mini masterpieces- 140 in all. It was a thrilling learning experience for them as they wove beautiful narratives and created exquisite poetry. Khushi Hans of Class 10F received a special award as the 3rd Bestseller in the state of Delhi.
The school had The SCHOLASTIC SCHOOL INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME. Connecting school education to real life profession, this internship was a 4-week long intense training program in which a team of 10 students of class 11 received online training and guidance from Industry experts to plan and organize Book Fairs. At the end of the program, they organized Readopolis, their own unique book fair from 12th to 16th December. They managed it all by themselves and learnt crucial marketing as well as life skills as they invited parents and children to browse through books and also enticed them to buy. It was fascinating to watch them measure their sales and planning for the next day.

To encourage reading and creative writing, a Library week titled BOOK CHORD - connect with books was also held in the primary, secondary and senior classes in the month of December. Students participated enthusiastically in various exciting literary activities like PODCASTS on crucial contemporary issues, designing Bookmarks and Book Covers, Story Writing Workshop,Vocabulary Test - creating Newspaper Editions, Poster and slogan designing Contest. An interesting and informative quiz was also conducted in all the classes.
Adding to this, the students also created innovative Mini Library models and a book review tree.
One of the key pillars of the National Education Policy is the integration of traditional knowledge systems into the mainstream education curriculum. By incorporating these aspects in our curriculum, we aim to instill a sense of continuity and a deep appreciation for our roots. A unique musical and informative presentation was put together by our Social Science department- Dharohar. It was a call to rediscover the richness of our cultural heritage , to integrate traditional knowledge into the modern educational framework, and to enlighten our students about the wisdom that stood the test of time.

Ours is an inclusive institution and so our special needs children were an equal part of the literature and Cultural fest. The Mental Health Department contributed by organizing a special exhibition to celebrate diversity and raise awareness about various disabilities. The exhibition featured a wide range of artistic expressions, including sketches, paintings, sculptures, cultural performances, yoga, fashion designing, perfume stall, tie and dye, scrap fabric rug, live display of marble painting, interactive games and many more.
Also, interactive sessions and activities were conducted for students, teachers, and parents about various disabilities, vocational setups and start ups. These sessions were taken up by NGOs Khushjot foundation, Blind relief association and Shaurya Foundation Trust.
Display boards of works from special education sessions, vocational sessions, academic interventions and sensitizing works were also presented.

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